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Gold Futures Quotes

The gold futures price is different than the gold options price. Commodity and futures prices like gold prices are usually quoted the same way prices are quoted in the cash market (physical market). That is, in dollars, cents, and sometimes fractions of a cent. Different commodities are quoted in different trading units. Gold prices are quoted per ounce. Be certain you understand the price quotation system for the particular commodity that you consider trading.

The NYMEX gold futures contract is a contract for future physical delivery of 100 ounces of gold; however, the vast majority of the futures positions are offset well before delivery. The NYMEX gold futures contract is priced in dollars and cents per troy ounce. The gold futures trade in $.10 increments, equivalent to $10.00 per contract.

Example of Futures Quote:

826.3 means $826.30 per ounce

Gold Options Quotes

The NYMEX gold options contract controls 100 ounces of gold based on the underlying futures contract. The gold option strike prices are $10.00 per ounce apart for strike prices below $500, $20.00 per ounce apart for strike prices between $500 and $1,000, $50.00 per ounce apart for strike prices above $1,000. For the nearest six contract months, strike prices will be $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00 apart, respectively.

Example of Options Quote:

34.80 means $34.80 per ounce
$34.80 X 100 ounces = $3,480

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Gold Quotes

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